Char kway teow – PappaRich, Doncaster

Being a foodie, I love to try new things from different cuisines. Being in Australia, I am absolutely spoilt with choices. I have been wanting to do food reviews for a very long time and here it goes. This review is only from my own experience and expectations. Hope you find it useful or even inspirational to try something different.

My first review is one of my very favourite dish, Char kway teow which means ‘stir-fried rice cake strips’  which I had at PappaRich in Doncaster, Melbourne. It is a popular dish in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. A lip smacking and saucy noodles stir fried which also had the option of vegetarian. The one below is the shrimp version I had along with bean sprouts and egg.

I sometimes confuse Char kway teow with the Thai dish Pad See Ew which is slightly sweeter.


Coming back to the dish I had at Doncaster PappaRich, I absolutely loved the dish. It comes with a little less spiciness than what I would expect. But I grab the soy chilli sauce alongside. A dash of this sauce elevates the Char kway teow to just the right heat.


And every time I visit this mall, it is hard not to order this dish again and again. Love it!

My ratings:

  1. Taste: 3.5/5
  2. Value for money: 4/5
  3. Ambience: 3/5
  4. Will I have it again: Yes


1 thought on “Char kway teow – PappaRich, Doncaster”

  1. I’m a similar creature of habit. I’ve not been in a while, so I’ve forgotten the actual name (I don’t generally look at the menu anymore, I know my order lol) but I’m obsessed with N17 on their menu.
    Every time we go to Chadstone, I have to…With a Coconut Paradise.

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