I am a food enthusiast on the journey of discovering my passion for cooking and sharing recipes that hopefully inspire you. Here you will find recipes that mostly revolve around Indian food that I love and also other favourites which keeps getting added into my list.

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Why “TheHomeChef”?

I went through a very brief period of  not eating meat which kindled my interest to explore recipes. Once I started sharing I enjoyed cooking even more. TheHomeChef is my platform to share my homemade food to an audience who love to eat, to cook and try recipes or even to just enjoy the pictures. It will make you connect back to the dishes you have grown up with or could be just something you have never heard about.

What you can find in this blog?

  • Simple to cook, healthy and tasty dishes with their recipes
  • Indian cuisine inspired, contemporary cooking style
  • Always made with fresh and local produce (mostly organic)
  • Easy to follow instructions with videos

Come join my travel in cooking with love!

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