Jackfruit Rice Pudding/payasam

Jackfruit and rice to make payasam (sweet pudding) is an interesting combination I found in a cookbook.The flavour of the Jackfruit in the rice pudding elevates the taste of this dessert and makes it so delicious. This dessert requires some patience as the cooking must be done in low flame to avoid any burning of the milk.

If fresh Jackfruit is hard to get, you can also use frozen or canned ones.

Do try it and enjoy! Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

( Serves ~ 4-5)

1. Milk – 4 cups

2. Rice (used basmati)- 40 gms

3. Jackfruit- 75 gms

4. Sugar- 120 gms

5. Ghee- 2 tsp

6. Cashews- 10 nos

7. Cardamom pods- 4

8. Saffron threads- 5

Please watch the video for the recipe

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