Radish Sambar and Eggplant Fry

Nothing can beat a homemade meal. After a nice short vacation, a simple cooking at home  is what I needed. This cannot be replaced by the extravagant dishes at restaurants.

A delicious and tasty home lunch can be made with this combination: Radish (Mullangi in Tamil) Sambar and Eggplant/Brinjal fry (Yennai Kathirikkai in tamil) with steamed rice. Yumm indeed!

The Mullangi Sambar is made with radish and dal. Radish is considered to have a cooling effect to the body. The style I chose to make this sambar is much easier where the tempering is done in the beginning itself. You can choose to do at the end as well.

Please find the video recipe below for the Mullangi Sambar:

Yennai Kathirikkai- Eggplant Fry

This is a mouth watering simple side to go with steamed rice made with eggplant/brinjal. It is a dry dish and complements well with any gravy and rice.

Please find the video recipe to make Yennai Kathirikkai below: