DIY Icecream Cupcake 

Who would not love a cupcake. And if it looks like an ice cream even more tempting. This caught my eye as well and dived into it almost immediately.

It is certainly not deep diving, as I have cheated a bit by buying store bought cupcakes mixture, icing and decorations along with the ice cream cones.

I chose to bake this cupcake with my son during the long weekend and it was an instant hit. It turned out to be so much fun making it with him and glad I could keep him off electronics for a while as well.

It is a great party food idea which kids and adults alike will love.
Icecream cupcake recipe (serves around 18 cones)


1. Cupcake mix- 1 ( please also get the pack ingredients mentioned to make the batter).

2. Icing- readymade from store ( or use the Icing mix in the cupcake mix if available )

3. Any topping decorations of choice. I bought pearl beads.

4. Icecream cones- 16 cones


1. Make the cupcake batter following the pack instructions.

2. Take the Icecream cone and fill with batter to 3/4th of the cone or just at the lower rim of the cone. Repeat for remaining cones.

3. Place the cones in 1- 2 batches in a baking tray.

4. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for around 18 mins. Check if it has cooked through by using a skewer.

5. The batter may overflow a bit over the cone. Remove the bits from the side of the cone if needed.

6. Allow the cupcake to cool down in the cone.

7. Put icing of your choice in a swirly manner like an Icecream. You can even try whipped cream.

8. Decorate the top with sprinkles.

9. Enjoy the delicious and beautiful Icecream cupcake.

For the video recipe, please click below. I have done this video with my son and lot of funny moments in it. Don’t miss to watch it.


Eggless Banana Bread

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A long pending recipe to try out the eggless version of the banana bread was a huge hit. Even if you like eggs, this eggless banana bread is no less when it comes to taste and texture. Enjoy the very delicious and simple recipe to try at home.

Please find the video recipe below: