Beet with Black beans Burger/Tikki

Everybody loves a burger.

I wanted to make a video of a veggie burger ever since I started this website as it is in my featured image. That burger was made with potato, carrot and beans. Usually potatoes are added in the cutlet versions in Indian recipes. But then I stepped across the beetroot burger in the freezer section in one of the supermarkets and it sounded so different and healthy. And hence this creation!

This burger made with beetroot and black beans is super delicious and checks all your boxes for a healthy version and also vegan friendly. The patties can be made small sized and enjoyed as tasty tikki or cutlets with mint chutney for starters. Enjoy it also as a burger with the French brioche bun or any burger bun with cos leaves and your preferred sauce. Eating healthy sure will bring a smile to your heart.

Please find the video recipe below:


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