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Chilli Chicken Wings

Chilli chicken wings is one of the easiest recipe to make. It is also one of the most mouthwatering and delicious wings which you can ever have with just 3 simple ingredients. This will definitely be a show stealer, a great starter or snack. And it is hot! You are warned šŸ˜€.

Enjoy the recipe!

Ingredients ( Serves ~ 4)

1. Chicken nibbles/wings – 12 pieces

2. Red Chilli powder- 1 tbsp ( reduce for less heat)

3. Sambal extra hot chilli sauce

(can use chilli sauce of your preference) – ~ 4 tbsps

4. Cooking oil: 2 tbsps

5. Coriander leaves (optional) – to garnish

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Tandoori Chicken- Restaurant styleĀ 

Tandoori Chicken is a very delicious Roasted Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices. It gets its name as it is traditionally cooked in a tandoor oven. But this recipe just has the best tip to get the similar tandoor effect and taste in the chicken. A very easy recipe to cook and enjoy at home.Try it as an appetiser or as a mains. It will be just great either way.
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Ingredients: serves 2-3
1. Chicken pieces- 4 big pieces

2. Onion- 1/2

3. Ginger garlic paste- 2 tsp

4. Curd/ Plain yogurt- 2-3 tbsp

5. Lemon juice- 1 tsp

6. Kashmiri chilli powder- 2 tbsp

7. Salt to taste

8. Oil- little 

9. Butter- 2 tsp

10. Small piece of coconut shell/ charcoal

Please watch video for the method.


Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is aĀ healthy and nutritious snack or starter. When I was a kid we used to visit the beaches where the corn will be sold by roasting over fire and coated with spices. Always delicious and yummy.

This is a similar version made at home. I have made the corn two ways in the video recipe: one way is by boiling in water and then roasting, the other way is directly roasting over the fire and coating with spices. Hope you enjoy it!


Beet with Black beans Burger/Tikki

Everybody loves a burger.

I wanted to make a video of a veggie burger ever since I started this website as it is in my featured image. That burger was made with potato, carrot and beans. Usually potatoes are added in the cutlet versions in Indian recipes. But then I stepped across the beetroot burger in the freezer section in one of the supermarkets and it sounded so different and healthy. And hence this creation!

This burger made with beetroot and black beans is super delicious and checks all your boxes for a healthy version and also vegan friendly. The patties can be made small sized and enjoyed as tasty tikki or cutlets with mint chutney for starters. Enjoy it also as a burger with the French brioche bun or any burger bun with cos leaves and your preferred sauce. Eating healthy sure will bring a smile to your heart.

Please find the video recipe below:



JalapeƱo Poppers

Here is something which will make you feel hot!
I recently had this dish at a very nice restaurant and immediately added it to my try out list.

JalapeƱo with cream cheese ( JalapeƱo Poppers as it is popularly known)

An interesting fact: Joey “Jaws” Chestnut holds the Major League Eating record for jalapeƱo poppers, eating 118 in 10 minutes at the University of Arizona on 8 April 2006- Source WiKi. That is simply ‘WOW’.

Going back to the making of the dish. My try out came out well except for the outer crumb breaking a bit. Included the tip to avoid that as well in the video.

Things you need:

1. JalapeƱo – 3-4
2. Cream cheese – 5 tblsp
3. Mozzarella cheese – 3 tblsp
4. Plain flour – 1/2 cup, Corn flour – 1/4 cup mixed into a batter
5. Egg beaten – 1
6. Bread crumbs for coating
7. Oil for frying and salt as needed

Please watch the video for the method